Stop Talking, Start PLanting

Plant Some Shit is a phrase coined by Gangsta Gardner Ron Finley, who plants vegetable gardens in South Central LA -- in abandoned lots, traffic medians, and along the curbs. Why? For fun, for defiance, for beauty and to offer some alternative to fast food in a community where "the drive-thrus are killing more people than the drive-bys."

Ron’s TED Talk and documentary film “Can You Dig This?” have inspired millions of people to stop talking and start planting. This page is dedicated to spreading that message and hosting community plantings across the country.


get involved

Plant Some Shit is a way of life, and it’s easy to get involved. The easiest way is plant some shit in your yard!

You can also purchase gear, join a planting, and post your plants to social media by tagging #plantsomeshit


support the brand

Visit Ron Finley’s online to purchase Plant Some Shit gear so you can let your neighborhood know what’s up!


join a planting

Community plantings are being held across the country. Visit our Eventbrite page to learn more and sign up.

Looking to host a planting? Email to find out host a community planting in your neighborhood.