Farmers Jam

Bringing nature’s rhythm to life

Join us for the Farmers Jam: Showcase on June 13 at Mother Bar + Kitchen! Enjoy solo performances from members of the band, including C. Loud, International Lelo Jones, Aja Ray Embry, Cam Christian, Mario Cambardella, and more. Chef Zu will be in the kitchen serving up delicious vegan treats all night — you don’t wanna miss it! This is a free event with a $10 suggested donation for the farmers and our mission of planting fruit trees on farms.

We had a great time at the Earth Day Farmers Jam!

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate community-based composting on Earth Day with Farmers Jam at Monday Night Garage! We had a fun evening of live music, delicious food, and lots of ways to learn about the many benefits of community-based composting.


Meet the Band

Farmers Jam is a collective of local farmers and friends who play music, sell jam, and plant fruit trees.

The Farmers Jam band is made up of local farmers and friends from the Atlanta area. We love playing music, planting trees, and getting people in touch with nature’s rhythm. Come jam or plant with us as we engage people in each element of the regenerative fruit system through seasonal, hands-on activities. Help support our efforts by purchasing delicious, locally made Farmers Jam at our shows.

Let the Jam live on! 🤘🤘🤘

Here’s the full band of farmers and friends:

AjaRay Embry, Community Farmers Markets - Vocals
AM Rodriguez, Wrecking Barn Farm - Keyboard
Brent Hall, Freewheel Farm - Washboard
Cam Christian, Plantlanta - DJ & Vocals
Chris Theal, Historic Westside Gardens - Trumpet
Cloud Dukes, Compost Now - Bass Guitar
Daniel Mobley, Serenbe - Lead Guitar
Frank Holzman, Tierra Sonrisa Garden - Congas
Georgia Slim, FTP Farm - Harmonica
International Lelo Jones, Outdoor Fresh - Percussion
Jenna Mobley, Community Farmers Markets - Violin
Kirsten Simmons, Ecosystem Farm - Vocals
Mario Cambardella, City of Atlanta Urban Agriculture Director - Vocals / Guitar
Robby Astrove, Fruit Forward Orchards - Drums
Stephanie Simmons, Love is Love Farm - Rhythm Guitar
Tenisio “DJ Fifthwurld” Seanima, Nature’s Candy Farm - DJ

Join us in 2019

We’ve got a big year coming in 2019! Want to be a part of Farmers Jam? We have opportunities for sponsors, volunteers, performers, and music fans. Sign up to become part of the Farmers Jam Family, and we’ll keep you posted about all the happenings.


Thanks to our partners, we engage people in propagating, planting, picking, and preserving local fruit, as well as the art of beekeeping and making compost. These opportunities highlight how vital the circle of life is to our future on this planet, and we’re grateful for the support we’ve received from the following organizations to make them happen.


Fruit Forward orchards

Wrecking Bar Brewpub

concrete Jungle

Food Well Alliance

Ison’s Nursery & Vineyard

Monday Night Garage

the learning kitchen

Ga Recycling Coalition