The Jig Is Up: How Georgia Can Lead The Way Towards A Sustainable Future

Purchase The Jig Is Up as an e-book on Amazon.

Purchase The Jig Is Up as an e-book on Amazon.

We are controlled by those who control our food. As self reliance withers on the vine, dependence and addiction blossoms and the board room, the new world opiate of the people, fattens corporate purses. In a mad, mad world, nothing makes sense in our own back yards.

People are divided… corporations united. The political system obeys power, of which the people have little.

Solutions start with a simple question: who grows your food?

The Jig Is Up begins with this question and expands beyond the dinner table to wealth inequality, rising healthcare epidemics, systematic racism and taking back political power through a world fueled by self reliance and strong communities committed to sustainability first and foremost.

Author James Carr spent 14 months researching the local food movement in Atlanta and the surrounding rural areas, along with the lack of progress in sustainable energy, to determine how the region could lead the way towards a self reliance that, if understood and followed, may reshape the globe and save our world.

Independent artists, scientists, teachers, farmers and chefs around the world change the dynamic of corporate greed by thwarting the system, harnessing the power of the internet to share their knowledge and creations. As financial, media and political institutions continue failing the people, these local voices speak truths the people can relate to, understand and benefit from.

The Jig Is Up hopes to be the first of many voices detailing what can be done in metropolises around the world. Each landscape is different; each has its own story. We invite you to read and get a taste of some good, Southern living from Atlanta, rid your life of corporate addictions and join the sustainable revolution taking place in the Underground.

Purchase The Jig Is Up as an e-book on Amazon.