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Based in Atlanta GA, Longleaf Media LLC is a marketing and production company.

Longleaf Media specializes in content creation, event coordination, and digital marketing.

We take a surround sound approach to marketing that includes written content, video production, and creating in-person engagements.

Does your cause, product or service need amplifying? Let's get started today. 



What We're Working On

Longleaf Media was hired by Food Well Alliance to produce a series of videos about their local food forums, designed to increase awareness, participation and collaboration within the community.

Founder James Carr appeared on NPR's A Closer Look with Rose Scott to discuss urban agriculture and upcoming events the Taste of Aglanta and the Aglanta Forum at the 44 minute mark.

We produced this video for our friends at Concrete Jungle, who hosted the featured ride for the Atlanta Cycling Festival in June, 2017.

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