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Longleaf Media is rooted in the belief that regenerative agriculture is essential to our spiritual, environmental, and community health.

Our events, content, and partnerships are designed to bring this concept to life through digital marketing and in-person engagments. Through Longleaf Media, you’ll experience delicious, local tastings, in-depth education, and opportunities to leave a positive impact on your community.

We specialize in building comprehensive communication strategies. We are equipped to execute digital promotion, PR, content marketing, as well as web and social media management.

With an extensive network of Georgia farmers, chefs, city government officials, nonprofit organizations, media, creative partners, and business leaders, we are able to work in many capacities to achieve the desired impact.

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If you are interested in participating in or sponsoring one of our upcoming events, email longleafmediallc@gmail.com. 



AgLanta Grows-a-Lot IOBY Campaign Video

Longleaf Media worked with the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Resilience and Groundwork Atlanta to produce a short video about their AgLanta Grows-a-Lot Pilot Program, starring the growers themselves.

Food Well Alliance - Fresh II

Longleaf Media was hired by Food Well Alliance to produce a series of videos about their local food forums, designed to increase awareness, participation and collaboration within the community.


Longleaf Media ghostwrites for CEOs and nonprofit leaders across the country, in addition to our own content. Check out a couple of samples below and click here to see more.


Founder James Carr appeared on NPR's A Closer Look with Rose Scott to discuss urban agriculture and upcoming events the Taste of Aglanta and the Aglanta Forum at the 44 minute mark.